DJ On Ear Headphones - Closed HD8

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4.5 (13) Reviews

Closed DJ headphones
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Take control of the club with Sennheiser’s top-of-the-line DJ model - HD8 DJ. Designed for the most demanding users and punishing pro environments, they have been developed in conjunction with some of the world’s top DJs. Acoustically, they are inspired by the legendary HD 25 and deliver an excellent sound reproduction, focusing on the rhythm and beat matching which professionals need.

Constructed of premium metal-crafted reinforcement parts, the HD8 DJ are built to deliver night after night. Its iconic metal pivot rings allows the user to swivel the ear cups up to 210° for easy one-ear monitoring at the turntable. What’s more, the soft, durable ear cushions ensure a comfortable fit even after hours of use and virtually eliminate background noise so that nothing comes between you and the music.

The HD8 DJ is a serious tool for those who take performance seriously.

  • Crafted from durable, high quality metal parts to guarantee years of use

  • Excellent sound reproduction across the audible range thanks to Sennheiser’s proprietary acoustics system

  • Elliptical, circumaural design for maximum comfort and reduces background noise to a minimum in even the loudest of listening environments.

  • Capable of very loud, high SPL suitable for loud DJ environments, but high noise isolation mitigates the need to max out the volume for safer listening

  • Swiveling ear cups (up to 210°, both ear cups) with three wearing positions

  • 95 ohm impedance for optimum compatibility with DJ equipment

  • Single-sided coiled cable can be attached to either ear cup; straight cable included (both up to 3m)

  • Comes with a premium protective case

  • Two year warranty


Sennheiser Star Rating

4.5 (13) Reviews

92.3% of Reviewers Would Recommend this product to a friend

  • Quinn
    Berkeley, CA

    Sennheiser Star Rating

    Next Level Amazing

    After several days of using these for just about everything, I don't get what that 3 star review is about. I've worn them comfortably nearly all day. The sound and fidelity is everything you expect from Sennheiser and more. So clean and clear even in the lows. No muddyness. Perfection. Great for making music or just listening to it. The physical design of these is brilliant as well.


    Wide Range, Genius design, CRISP AND CLEAR, Comfortable


    I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Kyle
    Reno, NV

    Sennheiser Star Rating

    Next Level Is Right

    These things rock!!! You are not going to get better sound without spending big money. I use these all day at work just hooking them up to my laptop using a music streaming service. Zero static/hiss when no song is playing, which my old headphones had quite a bit of. Sound so clear and crisp, some songs I just stop and listen. I can only imagine what these would sound like hooked up to an amp and with good source audio. I don't experience any problems with the headband as stated in the 3 star review. They do clamp down on your head harder than the average headphone, but this is not a negative feature for me since it helps seal in the awesomeness that blasts out. I wear them for around 7-8 hours a day with no problems.


    Wide Range, Comfortable, Crisp Sound


    I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Oscar
    Bømlo, Norway

    Sennheiser Star Rating

    Just... Awesome

    I use these headband every day, for several hours! I use them to listen to music and for gaming. I listen to electronic music (Dubstep, House, EDM, Drumstep etc...), and I find it perfect for the use. Both on my pc and my phone these works good (and I have never encountered any headbands, or headsets that is good on my phone except these). PS: I even use them when I sleep I went from a pair of Bose QuietComfort 15 to these Sennheiser, and I was actually surprised in all ways! They are better to wear, the sound quality is better, and it has alot more bass. That's all I ever wanted! The build quality is also very good. I like that these are made out of metal, unlike most headbands/headsets. I have really big ears, so sometimes it may start to hurt on the top of the ears, but No pain, No gain! It happends rarely, but sometimes it does. They were also pretty expensive to be headbands, but I would really say it was worth it! Haven't regret for one second! I've fallen in love!


    The Calrity, Comfortable, Doesn't Fall Off Too Easy, Lots of bass


    Expensive but worth it




    I would recommend this to a friend.

What's in the Box
  • HD8 DJ headphones
  • Cable 1: Coiled; 1.5m, stretchable to 3.0m / 3.5mm straight plug
  • Cable 2: Straight; 3.0 m / 3.5 mm straight plug
  • 6.3mm adaptor plug
  • Additional velour earpads
  • Premium carry case
  • Manuals

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