Sennheiser Audio - Russia


10 years ago Sennheiser Audio was established in Russia to officially represent Sennheiser brand and products on the Russian market. Based on excellent reputation gained by Sennheiser equipment during the Soviet period we got good heritage and did out best to further grow the brand popularity in Russia and CIS countries.
Today we operate in Russia, Khazakstan, Belarus, Armenia and Georgia. Our Team of 37 are real enthusiasts of perfect sound – dozens of theatres, museums, state and educational institutions are equipped with Sennheiser and Neumann products. The most prestigious among them are the Bolshoy Theatre, The Church of Jesus Christ the Savior, The State Duma, The Kremlin Palace, Mosfilm studio, The Museum of Modern Art GARAGE, key Russian TV and radio stations.
We support many local artists and today Sennheiser and Neumann microphones are regarded as the premium and the most wanted ones both for stage performances and working in studio.


Having started with Moscow in 2006 our Team enlarged the geography of Sennheiser products distribution all over Russia (up to Vladivostok which is within 9000 km from Moscow) and established strong partnership relationships with trade companies in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Georgia. Thanks to innovative high-quality products and our Team’s dedication we are keeping leading positions on the Russian headphones and professional equipment markets irrespectively of economic and political turbulences.

We are inspired by Sennheiser innovative spirit and feel enthusiastic about new segments exploration. We strongly believe that Sennheiser products will stay a step ahead of competitors’ ones. And we are proud of being a part of the Global Team and contributing into the Company worldwide success.


As all Russians we love challenges. Large territories, big cities and complex projects…Many of them became possible only thanks to our employees’ passion for perfect sound and deep professional backgrounds in the sphere of music and sound engineering.
We cherish relationships with our customers – we used to approach each of them individually and for recent years many of them have become our kind friends sincerely interested in everything we do.
We actively collaborate with local endorsers and support musical schools in Moscow and S.-Petersburg as well as The Russian Musical Academy named after Gnesins’.
We love to win and believe that we have everything for this – strong Sennheiser expertise in sound technologies, innovative and high-quality Sennheiser products, professional and dedicated Team. The Company mission and slogan motivate us to never stop in our searches for new solutions and opportunities.


Today Sennheiser employs more than 2,100 people in over 90 countries. Our global headquarters is located in Wennebostel, Germany, a small village close to the northern German city of Hanover. Our Wennebostel production facilities meet the highest technical standards in the production of microphones, wireless transmission technology, conference and tour guide systems, aviation headsets, high quality headphones and headphone transducers and monitor systems.


Today Sennheiser Audio office is located within 15-minute-drive from the heart of Moscow. From the 30th floor of a skyscraper we can see a powerful city with huge, almost unlimited opportunities. Hundreds of theatres, museums, concert halls and Art galleries make Moscow one of the most attractive cultural centers of the World.
Our show room often becomes a meeting place for artists and sound engineers who feel absolutely comfortable about testing products or getting professional advice from our technical specialists. We like this trustful homey atmosphere which helps us to build confident relationships with our customers.
Sometimes our office turns into a bee hive – when we get prepared for festivals or big events, everybody is involved into the process and everybody feels responsible for the final result. We feel united as ever and on the top of this feeling stands a big Sennheiser family.