Sennheiser Subsidiaries

We shape the future of audio, based on our heritage, innovation culture and passion for excellence.

Our Vision Statement represents our ambitions and the challenges we face on a daily basis. Together, we are creating the audio world of tomorrow.

Good sound is not good enough for us. We want to create the perfect sound. We want to make sound come alive. Sound affects all the senses. It can transport us to distant places, awaken sleeping emotions and even intensify our sense of taste. We do not just hear sound – we experience it. Some people can even see it. We have been advancing the science of sound for over 65 years, every day and every minute, and we are not ready to stop yet.

Since Sennheiser was founded in Germany in 1945, we have been shaping the global audio industry with our revolutionary technological discoveries. These days, our inspired innovations, intellectual curiosity and passion for what we do ensure our products and services are enjoyed wherever people play, broadcast or listen to audio. This is a source of great pride for us.

Our headphones, microphones and complete audio solutions are backed by reliable service offerings and committed employees, helping us earn enthusiastic customers worldwide. Musicians, DJs, sound engineers, pilots, and demanding listeners associate the Sennheiser brand with premium products, supreme sound quality and pure listening pleasure.

This enthusiastic appreciation forms the basis for our passionate commitment to excellence. It drives us to renew that commitment to our mission — to transform tones and sounds into the perfect auditory experience.