Additional Research & Innovation Locations

Sennheiser Audio Labs

The newly founded Sennheiser Audio Labs support the research and development activities of the Sennheiser Group in the field of digital signal processing (DSP) technologies. The team’s main focus is on the design and implementation of state-of-the-art audio algorithms – an area for which the experts at Sennheiser Audio Labs have been recognized worldwide. Another field of expertise is the design of both analogue and digital electronics as used in digital microphones, headphones and conference systems. Sennheiser Audio Labs closely cooperate with universities and research institutions to include the latest technological ideas in innovative products.

Sennheiser Audio Labs GmbH
Klettgaustr. 21
79761 Waldshut-Tiengen

Sennheiser Innovation AG

Sennheiser Innovation (Schweiz) AG develops future-oriented concepts for all Sennheiser business divisions. The main tasks of the interdisciplinary team comprise trend research, as well as the development of scenarios and innovative products. Sennheiser Innovation (Schweiz) AG helps Sennheiser teams worldwide to better understand the impact of trends as well as their long- and short-term effects on the company. All research and concepts focus on the needs of Sennheiser’s present and future customers.

Sennheiser Innovation (Schweiz) AG
Technoparkstrasse 1
8005 Zurich

Sennheiser Technology & Innovation

SFTC hosts experts in spatial audio, speech processing, and sensors for audio control. Additionally, we leverage the innovation ecosystem of Silicon Valley to detect early technology trends and to identify and build relationships with world-class Bay Area partners. Together, our talents and our environment enable us to create cutting-edge digital solutions for Sennheiser.

Sennheiser Technology & Innovation
Showplace Square West
550 15th street, suite 37
San Francisco, CA 94107
+1 415 230 7840 x10

Sennheiser Consumer Electronics

Sennheiser Consumer Electronics GmbH was formed to focus exclusively on the headphone trade sector as well as audiology and telecommunications products. Its Singapore office manages the global scope of product life management, customer relationship management as well as product development, among others. It marks the foundations for future growth in the consumer electronics industry, identifying future trends early on and rapidly translating them into outstanding solutions.

Sennheiser Consumer Electronics GmbH
438B Alexandra Road #01-06/08
Alexandra Technopark
Singapore 119968